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Our Token-Powered Ecosystem

The glue that holds 8gig together is its token: the Piece of 8.

The advent of blockchain technology has provided an unprecedented opportunity to catalyze marketplaces and incentivize its participants. By tokenizing the 8gig network, we align incentives, enable interactions, and encourage desired behavior among network participants like never before.

Aligning Incentives for Success

Our token economy allows creators, users, and consumers of software to enjoy a thriving, self-governing ecosystem that rewards them for proper behavior.

Reducing Friction in Cross-Border Transactions

In any global marketplace, transacting in fiat currency comes with added cost and complexity. By utilizing a native token, we reduce transaction friction and enable cross-border cooperation without having to pass on additional costs to participants.

Gamification That Drives Outcomes

Tokens enable software development to acquire the characteristics of a game. As in all games, players are motivated by incentives, rewarded for achieving new milestones in the process and accomplish more than in a traditional work environment.

Piece of 8

Why name the token Piece of Eight?

The Piece of Eight not only aligns with the names of our company and network, it expresses the unique spirit of rebellion that we believe must accompany positive breakthrough change.

The Piece of Eight, also known as the Spanish Dollar, was a silver coin minted in the Spanish Empire after 1598 and was widely used by many countries as the first world currency. As the modern world transitions to a paradigm of cryptocurrency, we felt it fitting to borrow the name from this globally-accepted, foundational and transformational coin.

Furthermore, the Piece of Eight is popularly associated with the pirates who amassed it in defiance of the major world powers of the era. During the conquest of the New World, pirates were known to intercept ships transporting large quantities of Piece of Eight under the noses of naval fleets. Similarly, we believe the time has come for software developers around the world to take innovation into their own hands, away from the mainstream software companies who constrain them and skim the value of their work.
It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.
- Steve Jobs